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The Bar
13 Oct 2017
When justice fails, according to Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has dismissed the capacity of judicial systems to deal with complex, politicised cases, based on his own experience w...
Aussie anti-terrorism laws, detention of 10-year-olds
13 Oct 2017
Treatment of kids under Aussie anti-terrorism laws an over-reach: ABA
The Australian Bar Association has urged the government to reconsider proposed reforms to Australian counter-terrorism laws that will permit the deten...
Supreme Court, scales of justice, crime, Victoria
13 Oct 2017
Supreme Court maintains silence amid crime sentencing controversy in Victoria
The Supreme Court of Victoria has continued to hold its ground and impartiality, refusing to provide an official statement on a successful sentencing ...
12 Oct 2017
John Howard defends ‘No’ stance to international audience
Former Australian prime minister John Howard has outlined his position against the legalisation of same-sex marriage at an event hosted by the Interna...
12 Oct 2017
Criminal lawyers rejoice over expunged ‘archaic’ convictions
Criminal lawyers have welcomed this week’s expungement of historical homosexual convictions in the Sunshine State. Write comment (0 Comment...
12 Oct 2017
Aus urged to take charge in abolishing death penalty worldwide
The Law Society of South Australia has called for the country to take a lead in global efforts to abolish the death penalty. Write comment (0...
12 Oct 2017
AG announces big names for federal judicial appointments
The federal government has revealed its pick for the positions of chief justice leading Australia’s Family Court and Federal Circuit Court respectiv...
11 Oct 2017
A bill of rights
Andrew Inglis Clark, one of Australia’s greatest ever jurists, wanted our constitution to be a “living force” that could be altered and interpre...
11 Oct 2017
Award-winning lawyer raises DV awareness
The chief executive of Women’s Legal Service has used a recent award-win to speak out about the prevalence of domestic violence in Australia. ...
10 Oct 2017
Law community bids farewell to Family Court Chief Justice
Diana Bryant AO will celebrate her 70th birthday with the end of her long tenure as head of the Family Court of Australia. Write comment (0 ...
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